For Our Beloved Priests
Holy Thursday, 2013

I am
in the garments of mercy.
Threads of Blood and Water
held together
by the will and desire
to be lifted up
in prayer so deep…

my arms
in the vulnerability
of self-offering,
my hands
like my heart
held wide open
to embrace the needs
of a broken world.

From the place
of vesting
to the place of offering
the distance is daunting:

I make my way to the altar
as He made His way
through the streets.
No easy way.
No painless way.
No short way.
It is the distance of a lifetime.

From vestments to altar
there are falls
and stones,
jeers and total weakness,
and always
just beneath the tears,
the desire to persevere
in the nobility of love,
to lift the burdens
of suffering souls.

I am
in the garments of mercy,
and I have no fear
for He
who has clothed my soul
walks with me,
sometimes carries me
that hard distance
to the altar
where I am lifted up
in prayer so deep...